Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Episode Guide 02 Breakout II

Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Ant-Man and Wasp have defeated some of the most dangerous Super Villains on the planet. But when the Super Villain prison system mysteriously shuts down, chaos is unleashed on the world.

Earth's Mightiest Heroes must now band together as the Avengers to protect the planet from the threats that no single Super Hero could face alone.

Their first task is to try and stop Graviton, a being whose power dwarfs anything ever seen. He's after Nick Fury, but will destroy the world to get to him. Individually the heroes have no chance, but together they can make a difference.

This is the second part of the opening two parter. Episode 02 Breakout Part II

Titles Assembled: Hulk, Giant Man, Iron Man, Wasp and Thor.

We start with a flash back to 10 years ago aboard the Shield Heli-Carrier. Fury is talking to Franklin Hall, about continuing the research of Dr Erskine to create more Super Soldiers like Captain America. Then we see Hall in his lab with an experiment going out of control and Fury ordering him to shut it down, but Hall's arrogance wont allow that and he cranks it up even more and then it explodes. Ladies and gentlemen I give you Super Science. Anyway he wakes up with two people in scrubs looking down on him he is confused and wants to know what's going on as his new powers manifest throwing the medical staff against the walls, throwing them quiet hard in fact. Hall figures out that he is able to manipulate gravity, and the first thing he does it want to see Nick Fury. The angry that comes out of the voice doesn't really match the emotion that was animated. Nick Fury being the reasonable man that he is gasses him before he can go any further. Back to Present Day we see Hall just getting out of his cell and wondering how long he has been contained. Zemo tells him longer than he, and he has been here six years. Again he wasnts Fury!

"Bring me the head of Nick Fury!"

That ends the flashback, and we are where we left off last episode with Graviton floating high above the city and just gravity yanked Nick Fury up to join him. He starts crushing him with gravity, we can can actually hear bones snapping. Thor and Wasp step in to rescue Fury. The force of Mjolnir's impact was enough to make Graviton lose concentration and the Raft falls back to his underwater location.

Hank Pym looks on in horror. Graviton recovers to face Thor head on. Thor the even noble warrior gives him a "Your Power is impressive for a Mortal, Stand down and I wont send you home in prices" im paraphrasing but that's the idea. Graviton spouts more Fury Rage, and tells Thor he will use all his power to crush him, Fury and the entire world.

"How did I get here? I really shouldn't drink and fly"

Meanwhile a badly damaged Iron Man, after escaping the Vault crash lands in a corn field somewhere. Handily enough he calls up for replacement armour, The Mark VII from his Chicago armoury. The farmer who own the cornfield drives by with and appropriate bewildered look on his face.

The Pyms confront Fury about what the hell is going on. Fury ignores them and calls an Omega level threat1, which means he everything is under his command now Army, Navy, Air Force even the Boy Scouts. No Fury says is Dr Franklin Hall, Pym of course recognises the name. Fury wont tell what happened to him. Thor continues to throw down with Hall with very little effect. Thor powers up a "This Ends Now" hammer strike and we cut to . . .

"I hope this is a regular location, and doesn't get destroyed"

The Vital Signs Diner where the patron are watching the event on the news. when Hulk barges in with an injured Doc Samson and tells them to take care of him. The we see Banner in human for talking to the Hulk, urging him to help. It turns out this is all in the Hulks head, and to on lookers Hulk is talking to himself, I like its a nice way to get Banner-Hulk interaction. Hulk says he will help but only if he gets to stay the Hulk and not become Banner again.

Thor still having no effect on Hall, Wasp tries to help by flies into the fight. Hall explains to Thor the sheer scope of his power over gravity, and that no one can stop him. With that he increases the gravity around Thor a thousand fold smashing him into the bay. Wasp bravely/Stupidly confront Hall next, he laughs in her face, as many would confronted with a tiny person after smacking down a God! so she shoots him in the face, causing now damage and only angering him even more.

"Janet what are you doing? Seriously he just put down a God! Hank will you talk to her please"

Iron Man arrives on the scene after Jan is swatted away. Iron Man's Armour scans Hall and gets very worried about him. Hall negates and reverses gravity acting on Iron Man sending shooting skyward and out of the atmosphere. After this Pym decides its too late for words, and bigulates himself but even that is not enough to contain him. Fury offers himself to Hall in exchange for him stopping, Hall says he is the ruler of this planet now, and is going to destroy New York to show the world he means business. Starting with Nick Fury, he picks him up again and this time crushes him. But the crushed Fury turns out to be am L.M.D2.

Hall moves onto the city and starts to rip it from its very foundations. Now Thor has finally over come the immense pressure holding him down. This time the fights goes a little better for Thor, whether its because Hall is using so much power to hold up the city or Thor is just pissed remains to be seen. With that the city starts to fall back to Earth and Thor catches it easing it back into its rightful place. With Halls concentration broken the effect in Iron Man ceases to allowing him to rejoin the fight.

"Boo Ya!"

Thor is pounding Hall into the pavement. This time Iron Man, Thor, Giant Man and Wasp are fighting together so its not going to be so easy for Graviton. The offer him a last chance to stand down. Hall angrier than ever rises up saying he is stronger than all off the, then he says "I'm the strongest on there is"3 and faster then you can say trademark infringement, A New Challengers Appears! HULK!

Hulk wastes no time making craters with Hall's face. Thor thinks Hulk is an Orge. Graviton's power are doing little to stop or even hinder the Hulk. All the soon-to-be Avengers are pinned down by Graviton, this makes the Hulk angrier, and the angrier he gets the stronger he is. This gives him the strength to over come Graviton's force holding him down. Pym de-Bigulates to try a new strategy, calling his insect friends to distract Hall, to give Hulk a chance. Its a battle of pure strength now as Hulk tries to stand and Hall tries to keep him down. It's pretty awesome stuff to be quiet honest, I was practically leaping from my chair cheering when I first watched it, it may have elicited strange looks from my wife . . .

"No one infringes my trademarks!"

The strain is getting to Hall, while the Hulk is only getting stronger, so Halls throws an entire islands worth of shipping containers at the Hulk. It is now that Pym's insect best friends arrives at Hall and bites him, breaking his concentration. Seizing the moment Hulk flies at his target, and makes another crater with his face. This allows the other almost-Avengers to get free. Hall lifts Hulk high into the sky and start hitting him with shipping containers again. Pym, Thor and Iron Man begin their assault on Hall to keep him off balance, and Wasp clears way for Hulk to get a clear shot at him. Hulk is shocked at this act of co-operation but is also happy for the help. Hulk hits but its once more flung back.

Hall starts using the very Earth as a weapon. The nearly-Avengers begin a coordinated and unrelenting attack on Hall. Hank Pym does something weird he goes Giant and picks up a boat a throws it at Graviton, now I'm sure that thing has a crew on it, who are most certainly killed when it explodes on Hall's head. oh that Hank Pym and his antics . . .


The thought of the innocent sailors savagely murdered by Giant Man is enough to break Hall's concentration long enough for Thor to power up a "Lightening III - For Midgard!" attack. That takes out Hall, and a large chunk of New York by the looks of it. Then we don't think about that and have a Heroic Group shot! Pym lectures him about how be put millions of lives at risk (not counting the fifty or so people Hank himself just killed) Thor wants to celebrate (with drinking straws involved somehow I'm sure)

Shield arrives and want the Hulk in custody, his new teams mates say you want the Hulk you go through us to get him. As usual Fury arrives to tell his men to stop acting stupid! He announces that seventy four super villains are now on the loose across the globe. He offers the proto-Avengers a job with shield to round them up.

"See the size of that thing!"

Iron Man partially agrees with Fury, he wants to be a team, just not with Shield in a pretty inspiring speech. Jan offers the name Avengers and no one objects. Clay Quartermain tells fury that Graviton didn't wake up until after the Raft went offline. So whatever caused the breakout to happen, it wasn't him. So who was . . .

Check Your References:
1 Omega level, could be a reference to Omega level mutants, in Marvel its the term given to mutant with the highest potential for power, reality warpers, that kinda thing.
2 LMDs are Life Model Decoys. They are life like robots that shield use as doubles when the need arises, they weren't explicitly named here, but its clear that the Fury robot was an LMD
3 Hulks long time catchphrase is I'm the Strongest one there is"

Wow wasn't that a great start to a season. I have no complaints, really just one observation. Lets talk body counts, I don't think Graviton actually killed anyone directly bar the Fury LMD, unless anyone decided to jump/fall off the edges of his floating islands, everything on them seemed to remain intact. Hank Pym picked up a random cargo boat with looked fully laden so I'm sure was still crewed and just through it at him. Thor when he was bouncing Hall off the busy streets we say a few cars that had to be totally destroyed passengers included, and then the final blast Thor did to knock out Hall, the size of the initial crated was huge, granted when it zoomed in the crated had drastically shrank. So the death toll for this battle is something like this.

Graviton - One robot, and maybe a few indirect accidents due to stupid people falling into giant holes.
Hank Pym - I'm not sure how many people crew a boat that size, fifty is not an unreasonable guess.
Thor - Easily thousands of people in the crater and twenty thirty on the busy street.

I give you our heroes ladies and gentle men